Over the years, we have seen a steady move towards all things sustainable and environmentally friendly, and the clothing industry is no exception.

It is because of this movement that clothing made from natural fibres (cotton, silk, linen and wool to name a few) have become incredibly popular. Basically, these fibres are produced by plants or animals meaning they tend to be more sustainable and eco-friendly than hand-made synthetic fibres.

Not only are these fibres kinder on the environment, but they have countless benefits for the wearer as well. These fabrics are long-lasting, soften over time, naturally breathable, often more comfortable, and age well.

Plus, these products are perfect for trans-seasonal wear; cool and breathable in summer and can be easily layered in winter. Natural fibres do however require a little bit more love and care than synthetic fibres.

For this reason, we recommend a cold, hand wash and hanging to air dry as opposed to tumble drying. If you find your item shrinks slightly or becomes creased, don’t stress! A good iron or steam will loosen the fibres and stretch the item back into shape.

At Privvy, we love this natural fibre movement and have lots of items in store. Some of our best sellers include:

Want to know more about natural fibres and grab some items for yourself? Pop in store now to see what all the fuss is about. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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