About Us

At Privvy, we are a female-led business that understands the importance of self-love. Our mission is to help women fall in love with themselves and silence their inner critic for good. Our motto is "for the love of you", and we strive to create a positive atmosphere where every woman feels comfortable, confident and empowered.

We cater to women of all ages, from young mums to busy professionals powering through life's big events. We focus on offering versatility, inclusivity and connectivity. We take pride in providing a sanctuary in our stores where women can explore their personal style and enjoy a well-deserved moment to focus on themselves.

Our fashion experts are here to support you every step of the way. We offer a wide range of clothing options to help you feel fabulous and confident for any occasion.

At Privvy, we believe that when you love yourself, you can share that love with others.

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